TeamMate is an advanced video based interface allowing the club coach or analyst to get the most out of detailed qualitative data. As a subscriber to TeamMate you will have access to statistical reports that connect directly to the video footage of both your own team and opponents.
Available analyses include:

Qualitative analysis on attacking build-up play.

Breakdown of attacking play by style: which styles of play does the team use more successfully?

Statistical reports on the exploitation of scoring chances.

Breakdown of set·pieces cross referenced with success and failure rates.

Drill-down on shots: how and where shots are successful or not.

Analysis of crossing: the team's ability to use crosses effectively and also how well they defend them.

Analysis of team performance according to score: Are the team affected by leading? By trailing?

Each statistical report has user friendly click throughs to video representation of the events the data is based on.

An easy to use video library of all your team's games and matches of upcoming opponents. Matches can be watched in full, highlights or according to selected events such as all corners, free kicks, goals and much more.

Video events can be saved in personal folders to enable quick reference or to gather data on specific event types as per the desire of the user.